The Ultimate Online RPG Game: Enter the World of Avalon

I’m a big fan of text-based role-playing games. Today I am going to be taking you inside the world of Avalon. Avalon is a world filled with dwarfs, mages, wizards and much more. Don’t anger the Gods or you’ll regret it! You start off as a citizen of the world of Avalon from some randomly selected city. There is much to be learned in this game, but first you must start off in school like any good child. Yes, you start off as a child, then your character grows up as you advance in the game. If you’re a fan of text-based role-playing fantasy games then this one is sure to have you addicted after a few hours of play.
Yahoo said, “…the most expansive online game of any kind, any where.” The game took twenty years to develop and it has unique guilds and cities plus your character has over four thousand different abilities that you can master.

I like the history features of the game, where you can make major changes in the game environment that changes the course of your city’s history or that of your character. If you chose a good plan that entails the proper allies and foes. Though one major drawback for most is the game only gives you so many hours of free play. Then you pay a small monthly fee to continue game play. I suggest you use your free time before paying the monthly fee. Also try to join a guild as quickly as possible and hopefully the other online players of that guild will accept you. Maybe then you could rally up your fellow guild brothers and lead a silent revolt, or at least I did. Warning: the game is highly addictive or at least it was for me.

It can take several months to truly master you character and all his abilities, but once you do it’s very helpful. Until then you should not fight anyone in the game world, you are under the divine protection of your patron god. Any RPG fan knows how most games go; it’s basically the same with a lot of major improvements that any RPG gamer would love. Hopefully I’ll see you in the world of Avalon and may the gods of Avalon be with you. Truly, you will be very pleased with this game and you’ll agree that it’s definitely one of the best RPG games you ever played.