OSRS Motherlode Mine Overview


One of the best additions to OSRS was the ‘Motherlode Mine’, which was released in the year 2015. Numerous players consider this mine as a convenient way to level up their Mining, because, unlike other mining spots where you have to frequently change locations, you can without much of a stretch level up all the way to 99 here. Even though it doesn’t provide any additional experience, you can make a good amount of RS Gold once you’re at a good level (150k/hour), which isn’t the best money-making method on Old School RuneScape, but it’s quite refreshing because you benefit both ways; gaining levels and profiting from the process. Let’s take a dive into this motherlode mine guide.

Requirement & Location

The only requirement that you need to enter the motherlode osrs mines is level 30 in Mining, and once you’re at level 72, you can enter the upper floor by paying a hundred golden nuggets to Prospector Percy. However, once you pay the amount, you can stay there for an indefinite time. The Motherlode osrs Mine is located in the Dwarven Mine, which can be entered through a cave entrance just northeast of the Falador Mining Guild.


The process is quite straightforward after gaining access to the motherlode mine osrs. You will have to mine the veins that are within it, and each one that you successfully mine will give you 60 experiences. However, experience per hour will keep increasing as you reach higher levels and use better tier pickaxes. Unlike the normal variant of veins, these veins can be mined up to 26 times before they disappear, but that’s not always the case, because they can also disappear after a single strike. That’s why it’s known as a semi-AFK method, as you have kept an eye out every now and then.

While you mine these veins in the motherlode mine osrs, you will also obtain ‘Play-Dirt’ fragments, which need to be cleaned off at a later phase by adding them to a hopper. During the process, the dirt will travel down the hopper and fall right into a sack which can be searched to obtain standard ores. The maximum that you can add to a hopper is 81 pay-dirt. However, there’s another method where you can add an extra amount of it to overfill the sack, allowing you to reduce time consumption and speed by the experience gained.

Since you’ll be carrying a hammer along with you, the best strategy would be to do two runs with 27 pay-dirt in your inventory, and then two more with 26 pay-dirt, which would result in the sack to have a total of 80 pay-dirt in the sack. Finally, drop the hammer and mine to obtain a full inventory (28) of pay-dirt and add it into the hopper (pick your hammer after that). The game mechanics will gladly accept the amount and you’ll have a total of 108 pay-dirt in the sack. As mentioned above, the maximum amount that it can hold is 81, but you can trick the game mechanics using this strategy.

Finally, once the pay-dirt has been cleaned, you can open the sack to obtain the ores. The ore that you receive will depend upon the level that you mined it at, and likewise, receive additional experience apart from what you’ve received while mining.

Things You Need to Know While Mining at The Motherlode Mine

At level 30, you’ll be able to obtain Coal from the sacks, but with no additional experience in Mining. At level 40, you’ll be able to obtain Gold Ores, with an additional experience of 15 for each one. At level 55, you’ll be able to obtain Mithril Ores, with an additional experience of 30. At level 70, you’ll be able to obtain Adamantite Ores, with an additional experience of 45. Finally, at level 85, you’ll be able to obtain Runite Ores, with an additional experience of 75.

There are often times when random events occur in the Motherlode, and they must be tended to before returning back to your mining work. The first event is Rockfall, where rocks will start to fall down and block your path (it may also deal damage). You’ll have to mine these rocks to gain additional experience of 10.

Every now and then, the water wheel that is connected to the hopper breaks, and it’s your duty to fix it using a hammer. If you didn’t bring one along with you, simply search the nearby crates to obtain one. Fixing the wheel provides an additional experience in Smithing, which is about 1.5 times your current Smithing level. To save up inventory space, a good tip would be to mine without a hammer in your inventory, because you can obtain one at any time from one of the crates near the hopper.

As I’ve already mentioned above, if you want to reach shift to the upper levels of the Motherlode Mine, you’ll need to pay 100 golden nuggets to Prospector Percy. These nuggets can be obtained while mining with a 2.74% chance to receive one. Apart from that, you can also purchase a variety of items from the prospector using golden nuggets. The items include Soft Clay Pack, Prospector Boots/Helmet/Legs/Jacket, Bag Full of Gems, Coal Bag, and Gem Bag. You can also upgrade your pay-dirt sack at a cost of 200 golden nuggets.

That concludes our motherlode mine guide!