World Of Warcraft

My Experiences with Patch 3.3

This newest patch has been, quite literally, a game changer for every WoW player out there. Because of finals, I didn’t get to try out patch 3.3 until almost a week after patch day, but it was well worth the wait.
The first and most prevalent change was, without a doubt, the new Looking for Group system. My previous PuGing experiences were pretty terrible. I always used to have problems with taking over the tank’s agro. It seemed that a well geared tank did not exist on my server outside my guild. And the healers always seemed to be asleep at their keyboards, making me rely on Lifeblood to stay alive.

As a Warlock on the new system, I had to wait a few minutes before a full group was found, but before I knew it, I was on my Talbuk, preparing to purge the city of Stratholme with Arthas.

The first experience I had was great. The tank was nice and fast, and was able to maintain good agro. I don’t think I ever got below eighty percent health, which was refreshing. Also, the added debuff ‘Luck of the Draw’ seems to be the answer to PuGing. I’ve gotten all sorts of new critical hit records, and though the bonus is only 5%, it makes a huge difference.

Since that first dungeon, I’ve been addicted. I’ll easily do three or four dungeons in a row, without getting frustrated at all. The emblems are great too. I was already able to purchase an heirloom chest for my level 25 warrior, and a new head piece for my main. And in no time, I’ll have enough for more gear. Maybe even something bought with Emblems of Frost!

The other huge benefit of this new Looking for Group system is the benefit for lower level characters. Not are heirloom items easier to get, but the experience gained from entering the dungeon finder borders on ridiculous.

As a level 23 warrior, I was chosen to tank Blackfathom Deeps. Someone in my group was nice enough to share a couple of quests that we completed on the way, and by the time I got out I was almost 25. After turning in the quests, thanks to the 20% experience bonus from heirloom items, I was halfway to 26. I got all this from doing ONE dungeon. How anyone leveled an alt without this, I will never know.

Before a week or so ago, I was apprehensive to even try to do a dungeon. Now? It’s the first thing I do when I log in on any of my characters. It’s a great option to have if you like playing with others, but if not, you can continue to quest and still experience that aspect of the game without having to worry about interacting with others.

What is my next step? Thanks to the new patch, I’m gonna do at least a dungeon a day on my main for the 2 emblems of Frost, and then do my best to level up my new Warrior. At this rate, I’ll have another 80 in no time flat!