Runescape Combat Guide (F2P)

Before I go on, please note that this isn’t a guide on how to train combat, rather this article would hopefully, give you tips and teach how to make your combat training more efficient. This article is aimed at Free to Play players (f2p), but feel free to change to suit your needs.
Combat is probably one of the most important factors to play well in Runescape. It allows defeating monsters, or players which can prove profitable depending on what drops you obtain. Before I go on, we must first be aware of something called the ‘Combat Triangle’. There are three classes, Melee (warriors), Rangers and Mages. Here, the combat triangle is like a game of rock-paper-scissors, one type of class is stronger than the other, but weaker against another.

The Warrior is superior against Rangers. Their plate armour and full helmet provide great protection against the Rangers arrows, and their weapons can easily cut through leather armour. However, their one weakness is magic. It is said, that the armour is a conductor to magic, thus putting Melee vulnerable against Mages.

The Rangers arrows are deadly against the Mages, who wear nothing but robes. Along with their armour, which is usually leather or some kind of hide, it has high magic resistance against the Mages magic. Also, since they use their bows, they can shoot afar, leaving them to be in a safe area. If you want to learn more about rangers, you might want to read this ranged pure guide (f2p). [Thanks to Runescape Bits]

The Mage is superior against Melee, whose armour conducts magic very easily. With a vast choice of spells, the Mage can stop anyone in their tracks, and fire aggressive spells at their foes. However, for them to use magic, their energy must flow freely within them, thus must wear robes for efficient use of magic. This said, they provide very little protection against arrows, and if a Melee is within range, they are feeble against weapons. Like the Ranger, Mages can cast spells from afar.

After looking at each class, and having looked at their strengths and weaknesses to each other, one can ‘change’ the triangle and apply it to use. To simply put, one can form another class which is known as a Hybrid class.

The Hybrid Class is is just a mix of 2 or all classes into one. So I can wear armour, and carry with me a bow and arrows, allowing me to shoot afar and when in range, unleash my close-combat fury. The Hybrid class may vary with their strengths and weaknesses, and it isn’t fully known what their weakness is. One known disadvantage is the fact that one must carry more things with them, using up their inventory space. However, the player may compensate by carrying the things he/she really needs.
Now we come into what we must carry to combat. One thing definitely, is it’s to take with you the armour/ weapons/ ammo for whatever particular class you’re focussing on training. Take with you the best armour and weapons. Food is vital, and must always be carried with you at all times during training; it will mean life and death. An option is to carry some potions. Since this is aimed at Free to Players, the only potions available to you are Strength Potion. These will increase your strength by a significant amount, and can turn the tables of battle. Members have a vast variety of potions, so the choice is up to you.

There is another thing that you might want to take into consideration; Prayer. If you take a look at some of the prayer, there are options that allow boosts, such as increased accuracy, or improved defence. There is even protection amongst other classes! Again, this may prove vital when in the midst of combat. However, training the Prayer skill in free to play may be time consuming or even expensive, but once done; the benefits gained out of it are VERY beneficial.

Well I hope that some of this advice has been usefull to you. Runscape never was an easy game to perform at, especially in the part of mastering pvp/bounty hunter or whatever you want to call it. I hope that you’ve improved after reading this guide. You can leave your own tips and comments. Also, I would appreciate it if you can tell your friends aswell about this guide! See you soon.