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    OSRS Motherlode Mine Overview

    Introduction One of the best additions to OSRS was the ‘Motherlode Mine’, which was released in the year 2015. Numerous players consider this mine as a convenient way to level up their Mining, because, unlike other mining spots where you have to frequently change locations, you can without much of a stretch level up all the way to 99 here. Even though it doesn’t provide any additional experience, you can make a good amount of RS Gold once you’re at a good level (150k/hour), which isn’t the best money-making method on Old School RuneScape, but it’s quite refreshing because you benefit both ways; gaining levels and profiting from the process.…

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    Runescape Combat Guide (F2P)

    Before I go on, please note that this isn’t a guide on how to train combat, rather this article would hopefully, give you tips and teach how to make your combat training more efficient. This article is aimed at Free to Play players (f2p), but feel free to change to suit your needs.Combat is probably one of the most important factors to play well in Runescape. It allows defeating monsters, or players which can prove profitable depending on what drops you obtain. Before I go on, we must first be aware of something called the ‘Combat Triangle’. There are three classes, Melee (warriors), Rangers and Mages. Here, the combat triangle…